How dose it Work?

How it Works

When a NEW or an Existing home is sold, the realtor who represents the buyer is entitled to earn a commission of approximately 3% of the sale price of the home. This payment happens in the background is usually a "standard payoff" in any real estate transaction, and you guessed it right, this is the the Realtor's money to keep and most don't share this incentive with their clients.

If you work with Preeti when you buy your next home, you will get a cash incentive of about 2% - 2.5% of your purchase price just as a "Thank You" gesture from Preeti. This is literally the money no other realtor will part with. As this rebate comes from the agent's commission and does not interfere in any way with any incentives the builder or the seller is offering the buyer. It is simply money that would stay in the builder’s / seller's  pocket if you weren't using a Realtor.

In addition to this, since preeti is a Loan Officer too she can easily get you pre-approved and help you get a good rate on your mortgate. The best part of the loans processed by Preeti is that all these loans are "NO COST".

Just imagine, on the day of closing you don't have to bring a fat check to the table and save all the money for make your NEW HOUSE your NEW HOME.


In most cases when you are in the market for buying a New or Existing home, most folks usually know the general area they want buy or build their home. When you are looking at NEW homes, you probably already know the builder or community that you are interested in. Or Preeti can quickly guide you to some of the home sites and builders.

Once you identify an area / builder / community, Preeti will help you narrow down your options for your new home. Once you identify a home or floor plan and plot, Preeti will work with the Builder / Seller's agent to negotiate the best price leveraging her past experience and background research of the real estate market for that local area. This almost always results in the best negotiated price you can get for that home.

The key here is that since you as a home buyer usually do your research on the communities and builders that you are interested in, this saves time and if you happen to find your dream home right away, you deserve to be rewarded with 2.5% of the sale price of a new home.

The concept is simple. Here is how to lock in your commission

1 - 2.25%

Pick Preeti as your Realtor - Assure yourself a good portion of her "Buyer Agent's Commission"


Do your own research for a NEW home, and narrow down your options: You will get at least 2% of the commission


Found your dream home fast?? You deserve the maximum cash back

Note: The amount of cash back on used homes will depend on the time and labor spent on doing the research to find your home. The sooner you finalize on a home, the better the cash back will be!!

When you do some research on your own, it takes us lot less time as a realtor. This allows us, to reduce our commission for your benefit.



We offer the best package anywhere in Texas no matter how you look at it!

Most realtors just offer cash rebates from their sales commission, but Preeti offers one of the Best CASH rebates, plus NO COST Loan program which can result in a lot of savings. Preeti and her team has over 15 yeras of experience selling real-estate in the D-FW area and they know the market and georgaphy as good as anyone else out there.

Please don’t forget to ask us for "10 Questions to ask a Realtor" before you hire one!!

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Note: For loan programs some restrictions do apply. Some Restrictions may apply and Offer is subject to the consent of seller. Equal Housing Opportunity .