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Why Cash Back Isn’t Always Good!

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Are you thinking about purchasing a new home in Dallas? We can assist you with your home purchase and offer cash back at closing. We often hear our clients say they come to us because of our cash back incentive, however cash back may not always be the best deal.

When a client is buying a home and they want to do all the work themselves, we give them more cash back, but they could lose out in a big way. If a client is not taking the time to negotiate, learn about the community and what the current market value of a home is, they could be over paying for a home and this could cost them a lot more than cash back. So how do you handle this? Simple! Agree to less cash back and allow me to negotiate on your behalf.

I will help you understand the community, the current real estate market and negotiate the best deal possible and still give you cash back. You may not get as much cash back, but in the end you will save more money with less hassle.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Dallas, call me at 214-680-7374

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